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NZ Self Containment Issuing Authority
Testing Officer's Information and Resources
All self containment checksheets and requests for rear labels
or replacement window cards should be directed to 
For priority contact, support and issues including problem resolution
please contact Gary on 027 246 9778 (text or call)
or email

NZ wide support for NZ Campers and self containment testing officers 

Do you have? 

1) NZLC logo for displaying on vehicle or building

2) Certificate from NZ Lifestyle camping shown your Testing Officer ID

3) A supply of self containment checksheets and recording sheets

4) Copy of  NZLC Self Containment Guidelines 

These can be supplied to you in a clearfile at no cost by contacting Gary.

All paper based documents can be viewed and printed from the links below.


Self Containment Testing Documentation

Self Containment checksheets - The latest checksheets can be downloaded and printed off from the following link September 2021 Checksheet  or by clicking on the image to the right. Please ensure the vehicle owner receives a copy of the certificate including pg 2 with payment and processing information. 

Bulk printed sheets in packs of 25 can be ordered by contacting the NZLC office at no cost.

Testing officers recording register - This should be completed when every self containment test is completed and should be available for inspection by an authorised NZ Lifestyle Camping staff member. It is recommended that these are kept in a clearfile or ring binder.  Download or view from the following link Testing Officer Recording Register or from the image to the right.


July 2019 Self Containment Guidelines - The latest update of our self containment guidelines. This update has addressed anomolies in the current standard with comments on alternative items that meet or exceed the intention of the standard.   Download and view from the following link August 2021Guidelines or from the image to the right.


1) These NZLC guidelines will now be reviewed / updated on a 3monthly basis. Please direct your suggestions and comments to

2) Differing interpretations: We are aware that the interpretation and implementation of NZS5465:2001 can vary between issuing authorities. NZLC has adopted a best practice approach and follows the Standard's intent while recognising industry improvements and alternative products that meet of exceed the standard. 

APCNZ Testing Officer Modules - These modules were developed when the All Points Camping Club commenced as an issuing authority in 2017. These cover interactions with customers and principles in applying the standard. These are currently being reviewed and will be updated under the NZLC logo. Download and view from the following link Testing Officer Modules 

Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Camping - Please check out the resources available to help promote responsible camping. If you have resources we can share on this page please contact us.  

            Responsible Camping - Operator Guidelines 

Fees and charges

Our standard processing fee is $45.00 per self containment check or $60.00 (combined fee) which includes discounted 12 month membership to the All Points Camping Club. 

The $45.00 fee covers our processing and issue costs, employee wages and the national administration of our scheme. Growing our national network while supporting and mentoring our testing officers has significant costs that we must cover. 


Note: A discounted rate may be applied for by large volume rental companies (200+ units annually)

CSC Guidelines 0821 cover.png

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