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Self Containment Issuing Authority
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Phone  027 246 9778
To arrange a self containmnent  check please select from North Island or South Island Testing and contact a local testing officer.
NZ Lifestyle Camping is committed to supporting
the NZ Recreational camping industry in partnership
with NZ's national camping club
All Points Camping Club of NZ 
You can join NZ's national camping club for only $35.00 or discounted with your self containment processing fee.  

You may use this search feature to find basic information on more than 20,000 vehicles that have been tested and certified as self contained, meeting or exceeding NZS 5465:2001, by our team of Qualified Testing Officers. 

  • This listing is not updated on a daily basis and may not be current.

  • Please wait a minute for the online database search box to load (its a big file

  • average load time 54 seconds).

  • Enter vehicle licence plate number into the search box.  (appears to the right)

We recommend using Carjam for checking further details on vehicles


This register only includes vehicles certified by NZ Lifestyle Camping (Ltd) and All Points Camping Club of NZ (Inc) testing officers.


The vehicles listed in this schedule have been tested and passed as complying with NZS 5465:2001 as at the time of testing. In accordance with the privacy act no personal information is publicly accessible in respect of these vehicles.


This means that the vehicles have met the requirements of the standard in being self contained for a period of three days for the number of occupants shown, as at the time of the check being completed.

All vehicles passed by NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd or the All Points Camping Club of NZ have met the requirement of the toilet being able to be used in the vehicle with sufficient head and elbow room and the beds made up.

NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd , the All Points Camping NZ and the respective Testing Officers have no liabiilty or responsibility for the vehicle operators subsequent changes to the self containment system , use or lack of, subsequent to the test being completed. 

Gary Stoneley

Director, NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd 

The self-containment vehicle certification changes only apply to the Freedom Camping Act and vehicles camping 'FREE' on Local Authority Controlled land, LINZ land and some Department of Conservation Properties. The certification changes do not apply to private or commercial land, NZTA land not controlled by councils, park over properties, and private or public events or ANY paid camping.

  • If your vehicle has a portable toilet you may still get a self-containment certificate for staying on land or properties not covered by the Freedom Camping Act. This is your choice. If this is required by you please contact one of the NZLC testing officers (visit NZLC website - link above) or NZMCA

  • If you receive a new 'limited' self-containment certificate with a portable toilet the new law states you cannot stay on council controlled, LINZ or DOC land unless the area is designated for non self-contained vehicles including the permanent toilet requirement.


Please note that we are unaware of any councils enforcing the new law at this time.


Gary Stoneley, Director, NZ lifestyle NZ Lifestyle Camping

Still unsure - Contact the experts at the MBIE Responsible Camping Team or your local council office.

Note: Having a Certified Self Contained Vehicle does not make you a responsible camper, but it can make it easier.


Many local and regional authorities now expect many motorhomes, caravans and campervans to be certified as self contained in order to stay at reserves and designated freedom camping areas. 


Your vehicle must have been suitably and correctly set up for self containment and meet the requirement of the NZ Standard.

NZS5465:2001 incl. amendment 2.

In general the vehicle must be fit for habitation. 

It must be able to meet the fresh water, waste and ablutionary needs of the occupants for a minimum period of three  (3) days. 

The waste system must be suitably sealed.

The toilet must be able to be used in the vehicle when required having  sufficient head and shoulder room (with the beds made up).  

NZ Lifestyle Camping in conjunction with and our team of suitably qualified testing officers can help you with this. 



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