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This spillproof kit connects a 25mm grey waste hose to your 25 litre removable grey waste container. Suitable for internal or external portable tanks including caravan rollaway tanks. The image shows the fitting going into the cap of the rollaway but this can be fitted to the top of the rollaway / tank body saving 30mm in height.  The waste hose and vent can be easily removed as required. 


The connector fits snuggly into the waste tank fitting and the included screw cap seals the container for removal and transportation.  


Note: The waste hose is not included. Silicon and/or hose clamp recommended to seal joints.

Discount available for testing officers and APCNZ club members.


The hose connector fits snuggly inside the cap attachment and when the waste tank is removed the screw caps ensure no accidental spillage when emptying or inside the vehicle.


To fit a 32mm hole needs to be drilled into the waste container cap or top of body. (These drills - spade bit or holesaw - are available from any hardware store)


The kit comes with 

Threaded fitting to tank with cap


1 metre of 25mm waste hose is available separately for $8.40 


Do you need the connection fitting to the caravan / campervan or the vehicle watse outlet kit?  Check out our other listings.


Waste water and vent connection kit - easy fit

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