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  • Where can I get my vehicle certified for self containment?
    Any reqistered / qualified plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer or a suitable qualiified self containment testing officer can check your vehicle for self containment. You can see the full public, contact list of testing officers that work with NZ Lifestyle Camping on our website. Please only call during daylight hours. Most testing officers will charge for their time.
  • I have been told my vehicle is on a blacklist and can't be certified. Is this right?
    There is no 'official' blacklist for vehicles that cannot be certified for self containment the blacklist put in place by the NZ Motor Caravan Assn applies only to it's club membership and testing scheme. If you vehicle is fit for habitation and meets the requirements of the standard it can be certified for self containment. NZ Lifestyle camping cam help you with this. Read our latest guidelines or check out our projects page for ideas.
  • Do I have to have a certified self contained vehicle to camp in NZ?
    No but it makes it easier and you can stay in more places. Many councils require taht your vehicle is self contained to camp outside of serviced campgrounds or private land.
  • Where can I camp in NZ?
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  • How do I report a vehicle that should be certified as self contained?
    If the vehicle has been certified by one of NZ Lifestyle Camping's approved testing officers please contact us on
  • Can I use a toilet tent?
    Once your vehicle has been certified, that it meets the requirements of the self containment standard, in that the toilet can be adequately used in the vehicle with the beds made up, the toilet may subsequently be used in a toilet tent.
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